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Network Logistics Management

Established in 1993, Network Logistics Managemnet started off as one-man-show and quickly grew a reputation for getting the job done right. Currently the company is growing rapidly and expanding their services from domestic shipping with accessability in Canada and Mexico to having a wide range of options for shipping to nearly every country on the globe.


With the added services and additional team members, NLM recently upgraded their office to a new location in Downtown Lakeville. The hustle and bustle of the their new location keeps the team energized and promotes movement thought the space. 

Network Logistics Management provides options for any type of business from furniture installers, big box retailers, and hotels to insurance agencies, cell phone providers and restaraunts. Access to well over 18,000 carriers nation wide allows NLM to contract the best of the best drivers and equipment for your shipment needs. 

Anything is possible for this go-getting company!

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