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Fast access to optimal carriers for high volume shippers

We’ve found that most large shippers have effective pricing and inventory management.  With hundreds of shipments a day however, a key piece that is often missing is an effective way to choose the right carrier for every shipment.  Whether it’s low cost carrier, service or customer routing requirements- the carrier selection process can quickly become cumbersome.


That’s where our technology comes in.  With Sunset’s desktop or web services solution RouteLOGIK, we can bridge that gap and provide pre-rated shipments for optimal carrier selection for high volume shippers.

How does RouteLOGIK help your company?

  • Provides a fast, reliable and cost effective solution for optimal carrier selection for a single shipment or hundreds of shipments at a time.

  • Can be used by multiple users through a desktop installation or integrated with an inventory management system.

  • BOL generation (single or multiples all at once)

  • Shipper/consignee and commodity database storage

  • Customer routing requirements storage

RouteLOGIK enables you to:

  • Maintain your own pricing while outsourcing the carrier contract and base rate maintenance and compliance.

  • Quickly rate a large numbers of shipments without the hassle of quoting through multiple carrier websites.

  • Capture significant cost savings through optimal/low cost carrier selection (including your customer requirements) for every shipment.

  • Integrate with our freight audit and payment system PayLOGIK for shipment post audit, payment processing and reporting.

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