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Your Efficient and Cost-Effective Information Management Solution.

Sunset’s custom Freight Audit & Payment Reporting system, PayLOGIK®, provides visibility and delivers customized solutions tailored to your company’s unique information management needs. The customized solution offers many features and functionality that enables your business to operate more efficiently, using technology to improve your processes, and saving money at every turn! PayLOGIK is a web services solution, that supports all EDI ANSI-standard transaction sets.

How does PayLOGIK help your company?

  • Dashboard displays key paid shipment metrics as soon as you log in. This means faster access to the information you need to run your business.

  • Data consistency and accuracy is ensured through several tools within the system.

  • Reduces extensive and time-consuming programming. PayLOGIK contains a setup tool for Sunset’s creation of your customized data entry forms for quick integration.

  • Capability to detect duplicate invoices to prevent duplicate payment.

  • Provides visibility to all of your invoice details, regardless of the invoice style used by your freight vendor. All invoices are archived for easy retrieval.

  • Sunset maintains unique rate databases for each customer, to perform auditing functions on every incoming invoice.

PayLOGIK enables you to:

  • Quickly review all outstanding invoices and decide if any should be de-selected from the payment cycle.

  • View advanced reporting features with the push of a button.

  • Provide data-level access control for role management.

  • Easily extract data and integrate with customer systems.

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