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The Technology Edge: Tools to Take Your Company to the Next Level

Bid Procurement. Mode Optimization. Load Execution. Payment Processing.

Sunset’s technology edge enables us to develop solutions that best fit your company’s needs. We continually invest in logistics technology, empowering your company to focus on what you do best! Our logistics technology applications are user-friendly, flexible, and provide powerful results. We also provide around-the-clock support to help your team work more efficiently.

Technology Integration with Our Logistics Profit Partnership Approach

Our Logistics Profit Partnership approach looks at the big picture: examining patterns, aligning carriers, and employing our custom technology applications to empower you. Our technology applications are designed to work with shippers of any size in different combinations to hit the sweet spot of savings and efficiency! Our Logistics Profit Partnership Approach employs our custom technology to help your business save in many areas:

  • Pricing: Carrier rate negotiation & service needs

  • Carrier Routing: Optimization tools & technology

  • Shipment Needs: Systems and support for quoting, BOL, tracking, claims

  • Invoice Processing: Freight audit & payment; small package auditing

  • Reporting: Systems and personal support for measuring ongoing results

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