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Unlimited Access to All Your Shipping Information.

Around the clock.

Sunset’s online Transportation Management System (TMS), FreightLOGIK®, provides 24-hour, unlimited user access to all of your shipping information.

How does FreightLOGIK® help your company?

Gain improved service, savings and supply chain efficiencies.

FreightLOGIK® optimizes your time and transportation dollars with:

  • Fast and accurate LTL and Truckload quotes from a single screen.

  • Instant access to carrier agreements, saving time and money.

  • Easy-to-use web-based system.

  • Customization to include your company’s specific pricing and markup to your customers.

  • Transportation purchasing, execution and financial reconciliation.

  • Complete transportation management tool at no cost to you.

FreightLOGIK® enables you to:

  • Quote It—Get deeply discounted LTL and Truckload quotes at any time. Save & email your quotes for future shipments.

  • Ship It—Tender LTL and Truckload shipments with a push of a button and print your generated Bill of Lading (BOL). Build a product and shipment database.

  • Track It­—View tracking information for all shipments. Print proof of deliveries and invoices.

  • Find It—View, print and email saved quotes; create new quotes to create or tender shipments.

For those of you who worked in our previous version of FreightLOGIK, some of our recent enhancements include:

  • Multi-Commodity Shipment Support– Break down your pallets by commodity type, populates on BOL.

  • Commodity Database-Select your commodities directly from the NMFTA database.

  • Hazmat Commodity Support- All Hazmat commodities are supported and print on the BOL.

  • Density Calculation- FreightLOGIK will now calculate cubic capacity from the commodity entry.

  • Prepaid/Collect/Third Party Terms- FreightLOGIK can now be used as a tool for customers with pricing contracts in their name.

  • Aged Receivables Reporting– Access your receivables reports directly from FreightLOGIK.

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